El Ángel de la fe

Faith is one of the greatest treasures human beings possess. So you may understand faith, we will make a deep study of the many different aspects of faith. What is faith? How can one tell the difference between a healthy faith and an unhealthy one? And what are the principal types of faith? Every person, considered as an individual unit of consciousness, has the ability to know and analyze these different aspects of faith with an understanding of his own degree of conditioning or transcendence.

The word faith comes from the Latin fides, which means the set of beliefs and convictions that every human being, without exception, needs in order to live, since we all need to have some level of awareness or concept of the world to survive.

Since the word “faith” is a noun related in a practical sense to the verb “to believe,” the experiences of having faith and believing are directly associated. Faith also means to have confidence and security in the word of another.

Faith can also be understood as an attitude, which is influenced, as much by will as by intellect. Because our limited range of feelings and because it is not always possible to prove that what we perceive is real, all of our beliefs necessarily depend on our feelings and our memories. Therefore, faith is a decision involving the whole being and a total commitment to the point that one is able to change how one is living and bring one’s actions and beliefs into alignment.

Eng OTM34Faith is a very refined, sublime and tangible feeling, which we can experience, but which, at the same time, it is erroneously categorized by some as something imaginary, which does not actually exist. Therefore, it is very important to understand that faith is a concrete reality and not just some abstract sentiment in someone’s mind.

While it is impossible to eliminate faith or consciousness from a human being, it is possible to transform it. People always “believe” regardless of their condition. If at any time we feel we are losing our faith, it is because the intensity of the faith we have placed on someone or something is too weak, and by not attaining what we desire we lose our faith. But the fact is that we can never lose faith because everything we do depends on faith.

In Oidatherapy, we consider faith as a force inherent in each individual, which allows us to focus and order our beliefs about ourselves and about reality. These beliefs are what give meaning to our lives and help make our expectations, ideals and aspirations congruent. They are not just for the purpose of developing religiosity.

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Obejtivo principal de Oidaterapia

El objetivo principal de la Oidaterapia es lograr que los seres humanos seamos felices, equilibrados, amorosos y saludables a través del encuentro con nuestra fe sanadora.

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