Goals, mission and vision


  • To facilitate universally, comprehensive, physical, psychological, social, and spiritual healing for everyone in the world.
  • To recognize and promote the healing potential of faith.
  • To promote the therapeutic processes of ancestral, mystical traditions that have helped resolve and fulfill the essential needs of human beings.

     Some of our main actions for the accomplishment of these goals are:

  • To help people overcome those destructive, egotistical, ungrateful and inconsiderate influences that make them sick and which affect their lives and the lives of others.
  • To provide society and educational institutions with the guidance for renewing and complementing the academic program with educational tools. In this way, the children may have the facility to acquire and embrace a positive faith based on the teachings and experience of mystical traditions as well as of older brothers of the past from ancestral traditions, which are beneficial for the individual and for society.
  • To investigate the possibilities of healing processes which produce well-being and closeness to what we call Universal Love in human beings.
  • To develop and distribute literature, documents, videos, web pages, and correspondence courses. To send representatives of Oidatherapy to different parts of the world to offer relief and healing to anyone desirous of receiving it.


Our mission is to realize the goals of Oidatherapy, the practical method of Perennial Psychology, in relation to the disturbances and dissatisfactions of the self. We want to help people achieve physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being through the healing power of faith. Consequently, Oidatherapy seeks to benefit the individual and collective well-being using the motivating energy of faith and the diverse healing influences that create a healthy and harmonious lifestyle.


Our vision is to promote the application of Oidatherapy in order to lead others in achieving a more responsible society. A society which works united in diversity, seeking common objectives such as peace, well-being and Universal Love. In such a society, people are aware of the result of developing their lives based on their beliefs and faith through an analysis of their actions, relationships, habits and intentions in order to identify the position each one has with respect to their healing.

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Obejtivo principal de Oidaterapia

El objetivo principal de la Oidaterapia es lograr que los seres humanos seamos felices, equilibrados, amorosos y saludables a través del encuentro con nuestra fe sanadora.

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