The Practice of Perennial Psychology: Oidatherapy

With Perennial Psychology as its philosophical and theoretical foundation, Oidatherapy is a practical method for investigating and healing humanity’s malaise and dissatisfaction. With the help of Oidatherapy, people can learn how to use the healing and motivating power of faith to create individual and collective well-being, thanks to the many different positive influences of this healthy and balanced lifestyle. Oidatherapy strongly promotes the central idea of Perennial Psychology, namely that faith in a transcendental dimension of life is a legitimate healing path.

Perennial Psychology considers human beings to be individual units of consciousness, and its model of intervention is oriented toward curing by strengthening a person’s healthy faith. This is a gradual, step-by-step process of growth and self-realization through distinct levels of advancement until one reaches transcendence.

The usefulness of human life is empowered in a general way by Oidatherapy. First it recognizes faith as the motivating force behind a process that strengthens our transcendental consciousness. This is, without a doubt, a healing process that includes awareness of all aspects of being and includes spirituality in its concept of total well-being.

However, many disciplines such as modern psychology, allopathic medicine and alternative therapies, among others, integrate into their conceptual approaches and methods some of the same ideas as Perennial Psychology about integral development and healing without necessarily contradicting their own teachings. Nevertheless, it is very important to emphasize that Oidatherapy cannot be understood in its totality without including its connection to the mystical traditions. It is this connection, which offers the ideal elements for firmly embracing a transcendental process.

To distinguish which type of work and which of the different possible interventions would be most helpful in a given case, the Oida Therapist can easily introduce, in the treatment plan, the idea of the soul as something beyond the ability of the mind, the emotions or the body to comprehend. Likewise, the therapist can uncover and analyze a person’s belief system to discover how he or she perceives the world.

The therapist will recognize the different points of view from which a person interprets his life in order to evaluate habits and goals in accordance with the nature of his beliefs and faith. In other words, Oidatherapy challenges people to become conscious of the condition of their lives by analyzing their actions, relationships, habits and intentions. In the course of this analysis they will be able to identify the active stance they are taking with respect to their healing.

The depth of the relationship each therapist will develop with Oidatherapy will depend on his or her training and beliefs. However, from a more spiritual understanding of Perennial Psychology, we can say that, to the degree we understand that our spiritual health is the axis of our well-being, Oidatherapy will benefit us physically, psychologically and socially.

Finally, we distinguish between the goals of Oidatherapy and Oida Psychotherapy. When we talk about the latter, we are referring to the field of psychological action where, in addition to developing a therapeutic goal, we incorporate the concepts of faith and transcendence to guide and strengthen people so they can make a change. In this context, the current book takes a more general approach to Oidatherapy and is not focused on its application exclusively in the fields of psychology, medicine or alternative therapy.

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Obejtivo principal de Oidaterapia

El objetivo principal de la Oidaterapia es lograr que los seres humanos seamos felices, equilibrados, amorosos y saludables a través del encuentro con nuestra fe sanadora.

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