The definition and goal of the study

Viktor Frankl

Perennial Psychology is a path that aims to return the deserved joy and freedom to every being. For this purpose, we have gathered the riches that have been received up to this day from ancient traditions. We utilize them as a source of deep and practical knowledge that as a guide towards the permanent happiness and harmony that most people are constantly trying to achieve. In addition, Oidatherapy has received valuable contributions from Logotherapy, founded by Viktor Frankl, where through a wonderful therapeutic approach it inspires us to investigate the influence of faith in the area of feeling, thinking, desire, as well as, the value of a healthy faith that compels us to find a purpose of transcendent life.

In addition to the physical, mental/emotional and intellectual factors related to human existence, Perennial Psychology includes in its analysis the spiritual dimension and the transcendental nature of the living entity in communion with the Supreme. It proposes the ultimate question of who we are in relation to divinity as an independent variable for the purpose of scientific investigation. Perennial psychology takes from conventional psychology its etimological understanding about the soul; and from the perennial, the concept of that which never perishes. From a philosophical point of view, these concepts are part of a set of universal principles, truths and values that transcend time and space, and which are common to all people and cultures on the planet. Other examples are love, respect, compassion, solidarity and so forth.

Likewise, Perennial Psychology gives great importance to what mystical traditions have to say on the topic of perennial values and faith. Their contributions confirm that human life, throughout history and in all cultures, is full of mystical experiences. Spiritual support is clearly one of humanity’s most profound and persistent needs.

PsiquePerennial Psychology seeks the well-being and health of the self, and talks about existence in the truest sense. It identifies our ignorance of who we really are as the cause of our unhappiness and affliction. As an individual unit of consciousness, a human being is in a unique position in relation to the Supreme. Perennial Psychology recognizes that, beyond this conditioned, local existence in a physical body at a particular time and in a particular place, human beings are transcendental and express their transcendence in different states of consciousness. This book is a study of the journey the conditioned soul takes to reach transcendence. It analyzes the cause and effect relationship between our consciousness and each of our levels of being: physical, mental, intellectual and transcendental.

On this journey of self, which reveals the grandeur of the faith that resides in the inner self, consciousness is the supreme gift that allows us to connect cause and effect under all circumstances. Perennial Psychology explains healing as a process of becoming conscious through understanding the causes of our afflictions and illnesses. This is important because, as soon as we understand the cause, the solution appears automatically. We call this the path to a healing fait.

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Obejtivo principal de Oidaterapia

El objetivo principal de la Oidaterapia es lograr que los seres humanos seamos felices, equilibrados, amorosos y saludables a través del encuentro con nuestra fe sanadora.

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