The power of faith

OTM - donde-pones-tu-fea. Faith is the faculty given to man so that he can make decisions based on his convictions.

b. Faith is the feeling of certainty about any given topic.

c. Faith can produce marvelous results when it guides us toward love.

d. Faith is the indicator of a thinking being.

e. Faith is a necessary ingredient for the survival of the living human being.

f. Faith is the common denominator of ways of thinking used, among other goals, for the purpose of coming closer to the dimensions beyond our direct, sensory perception. This follows the mystical traditions in a very similar way.

g. Faith is the benefactor in the Intelligent Model, which allows individual units of consciousness to understand themselves, their origin, their goal and their final destination.

h. Faith is what gives us a powerful desire to look for ways to improve any situation.

i. Faith is the conclusion of an alignment of ideas, which point to a convincing result.

j. Faith is natural for the self and the easiest way to find transcendence.

k. Faith is to believe that life is meaningful.

l. Faith depends upon the company we keep, given that the human mind is moldable.

m. Faith is a natural manifestation of the mind and is present in every thought.

n. There is no such thing as superior or inferior faith.

o. Faith is thought itself.

OTM-18-ccp. Faith in God comes, in part, from observing the perfectly organized structures in the cosmos and in nature.

q. Atheistic faith comes from observing corruption and abuse in so-called religious institutions and the people who run them.

r. Faith is part of our ability to accept and reject.

s. Faith is a natural manifestation of free will.

t. Faith is necessary for us to be able to surrender to the mundane or spiritual love offered to us.

u. Faith is the fundamental ingredient for completing any type of endeavor.

v. The resilience of people who are going through difficult situations shows us how necessary it is to keep our healthy faith at a high level.

w. Faith is part of the evolution of individual consciousness.

x. Faith manifests as ideals.

y. Faith is the real beauty of an individual unit of consciousness (soul) on his journey.

z. Faith is the difference between conscious and unconscious existence.

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