100 points about faith

  1. 100 puntos sobre la feFaith is indispensable for healing the self and understanding the meaning of life.
  2. Faith is the jewel that allows us to make decisions.
  3. Faith is the conviction that positive actions will yield positive results.
  4. Having faith in values creates character.
  5. Good company strengthens faith.
  6. To reflect on where we place our faith avoids our doing harm to others.
  7. Faith is the basis of enthusiasm.
  8. Faith is the conclusion you come to when you think positively.
  9. Faith needs to be reevaluated constantly.
  10. Faith does not exist apart from wanting well-being for everyone.
  11. Faith should not approve of causing harm to others.
  12. Faith should not allow us to put others at risk.
  13. Faith does not consider anyone superior to anyone else.
  14. Faith is fundamental for thinking or consciousness.
  15. Faith has the power to move us in the direction of self-destruction or self- realization.
  16. Faith is our tool for achieving the highest good.
  17. It is necessary to have faith in order to make any decision in life.
  18. Faith is the key to love.
  19. Faith is an essential part of any educational system.
  20. Faith is an essential part of any political system.
  21. Faith is an essential part of any mystical tradition.
  22. The faith of the faithful is what keeps any religious institution functioning.
  23. Faith is what motivates us to develop scientific innovations.
  24. Spiritual faith is an innate human characteristic.
  25. Faith is a fundamental human need.
  26. Faith ought to be evaluated, compared and used to guide and educate all human beings without depriving them of the right to make their own decisions.
  27. Faith is necessary to evaluate what you believe.
  28. Common sense is needed to evaluate faith.
  29. Healthy faith promotes equal rights for all.
  30. Healthy faith addresses all aspects of Universal Love.
  31. Faith in vegetarianism helps us to understand faith in non-violence.
  32. Faith in the eternal existence of the soul helps us to develop greater faith, compassion and responsibility.
  33. Faith in any project becomes a desire to accomplish it.Eng OTM29
  34. The effort and enthusiasm for reaching some goal is showing gratitude to faith.
  35. Faith accompanies every step we take.
  36. We have faith that others understand our words and motives.
  37. Without faith, life would have neither wisdom nor challenges, nor would it be an enchanting adventure.
  38. Even a barking dog has faith that he will attract attention.
  39. Faith education should be the highest priority of education.
  40. An essential aspect of Faith Education is to give people the tools they need to become aware of the dangers of misplacing their faith and repeating past mistakes.
  41. Just as the study of electricity requires that we are fully aware of its dangers, everyone should be aware of the dangers we risk by misplacing our faith.
  42. Materials and writings, which support faith education, as they become available, are essential for everyone so that they will understand the power, the potential and the necessity of having healthy faith. They also serve as guidelines for the healthy development of all the different types of faith and beliefs that people have.
  43. Faith in money as the most important objective in life or as having the power to get whatever one wants makes us materialistic and unsensitive, if there is no focus on a higher cause.
  44. Believing that sexual pleasure is a form of entertainment which does not require any responsibility because we think it does not affect the well-being of others makes people uncaring and egotistical.
  45. Faith in the harmlessness of using intoxicants for entertainment makes people egotistical, and they lose sight of the meaning of life
  46. Faith as the right to lie and take advantage of others makes people untrustworthy and dangerous.
  47. Faith, or any other system, institution or religious tradition, which justifies our considering ourselves better than others or mistreating anyone makes us arrogant, criminal and egotistical.
  48. Faith that a Supreme Being does not exist makes people egotistical and uncaring.
  49. Faith based on the idea that life has no meaning makes people feel frustrated and irresponsible.
  50. Faith, which justifies the killing of animals, without there being a genuine emergency, makes people lose compassion and appreciation for the mystical gift of life.
  51. Faith in atheism ruins people’s respect for the faith of others.
  52. Faith in ancestral teachings demonstrates that human beings have a deep and natural need to appreciate and believe in our inner voice and also in a higher power.
  53. The transcendental faith of children demonstrates that all souls are born with the natural capacity to have faith in the Divine.
  54. Faith in friendship in general makes this world a very agreeable place to live.
  55. To believe in something disloyal and unfaithful weakens faith.
  56. Faith in the purity of intentions and objectives makes people pure in their realization.
  57. Faith in love makes people conscious of the need to share it with all other living beings.
  58. Faith can provide sufficient strength for the struggle against inner enemies: lust, anger, envy, avarice, egoism, egocentrism, cruelty, and our fraudulent and hypocritical mentality.
  59. Faith is necessary for us to make the efforts required to make others happy.
  60. OTM21-webFaith is necessary so we will not lose hope when sickness or death is near.
  61. Faith helps us see that the Divine controls everything and that all is well from the Absolute perspective.
  62. Faith helps us understand that the greatest enemy we have is our own ego and not anything external.
  63. Faith helps us discover that all the bad things that happen to us have happened for a reason.
  64. Faith is useful and it helps us face situations that worry or perturb us, but which we cannot change.
  65. Faith allows us to see that everything that has been done by the Supreme Well- Wisher is perfect.
  66. Faith permits us to see other beings as our beloved family. Consequently we love and respect them.
  67. Faith allows us to forgive, as we need to be forgiven.
  68. Faith allows us to ask for mercy, beg for compassion and have real hope that our prayers are heard.
  69. Faith inspires us to get answers to our uncertainties.
  70. Faith is an ingredient of our consciousness, which is worthy of worship in that it facilitates our connection with higher realities.
  71. Faith is similar to the mystery of the creation, of our life and of our consciousness, because it exists beyond our own mental and emotional capacity to comprehend it.
  72. Faith opens the doors to new approaches.
  73. Faith allows us to dwell in deep meditations on the Divine and His messages.
  74. Faith permits us to develop profound feelings for the Absolute.
  75. Faith permits people to become austere, balanced and faithful to their mystical tradition.
  76. Faith makes people feel satisfied with what they have and with their bodies as they are, so that they are able to remain focused on the spiritual priorities in life.
  77. Faith helps people to hear and follow their inner voice.
  78. Faith teaches us that all the energy of creation, which surrounds us, is working in our favor and for our benefit.
  79. Faith reveals the divinity in all the elements.
  80. Faith can show us that this extraordinary and spectacular world is a manifestation or external characteristic of a loving God who has been waiting for us to turn toward Him.
  81. Faith shows us that the principle of love underlying all individual units of consciousness (souls) is the Supreme Individual the One Who knows and loves all of His creation.
  82. Faith shows us that the principle of love originates in the original Source and that for Him all are His beloved children.
  83. Faith shows us that beauty, gentleness and love are eternal and that we are destined to be part of this eternity.
  84. Faith demonstrates that it is marvelous and satisfying to be a small and humble servant of the sweet will of the Supreme.
  85. Faith can reveal that serving the Truth is our most important duty and our highest task.Eng OTM34
  86. Faith shows us that the laws of material nature have validity and are legitimate in the creation and that they are, therefore, good for everyone.
  87. Faith reveals that submission to servants of truth cures the soul of its rebelliousness.
  88. We ought to familiarize ourselves with the different aspects of faith and their benefits so we can apply them in our daily lives.
  89. Faith Education should publish a list of points, which enumerates the different factors, which hurt the environment and the well-being of humans and animals so that we may learn to act respectfully.
  90. We ought to teach a list of the benefits that the mystical traditions offer to humanity.
  91. We ought to teach a list of the dangers which distorted versions of faith have created in this world. These dangers have come about because of unwholesome behaviors such as fanaticism and different types of sectarianism.
  92. Faith is our step toward the Divine.
  93. Sometimes it is better to doubt your doubts and to have faith in faith.
  94. The awakening of faith is a supreme gift and our faith will disappear if we do not treasure it.
  95. Faith means to know how to accept and apply what benefits us and reject what does not.
  96. Spiritual faith is what we put into practice because we consider it good for ourselves and for all.
  97. Faith is a right we have just like our ability to think, hear and assimilate.
  98. Faith is the greatest gift of God because it allows us to choose a spiritual path.
  99. Healing through faith is an expression of gratitude for the evolution of consciousness.
  100. Faith is the power that allows us to walk toward the light despite our constant uncertainty.

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