What is the Oidatherapy Healing Circle?

OTM-53webIt is:

a. A level of consciousness where our decisions and faith are favorable to all.

b. Where every conscious being will be involved in understanding himself.

c. Where human beings will assume responsibility for their free will.

d. Where its influence extends to include less healthy areas, since healing can begin in whatever condition we find ourselves.

e. Where we can relate positively with everyone else.

f. Where we can take action to heal ourselves, our family and society.

g. Where we are willing to be responsible for cleansing, simplicity, celibacy and non-violence.

h. Where we do not expect any results or rewards for our actions.

i. Where the results of our actions are pure.

j. Where we adopt a vegetarian diet out of respect for the lives of other beings and out of compassion for the most defenseless creatures.

k. Where help is provided because we have increased our connection with our inner self.

l. Where there is a close relationship with the teachings of the mystical traditions.

m. Where we prefer words that are direct, agreeable and helpful and which do not upset others.

n. Where we see it as our duty to fulfill the need of a deserving person.

o. What has been, in essence, the backbone of the mystical traditions.

 Where we understand what we ought to doubt and what we ought to have faith in.

q. Where all living entities are united within the harmony and perfection of the intelligent model.

r. Where we have unbreakable determination to heal ourselves.

s. Where there is a concrete goal for enthusiasts and therapists to be pursued for the benefit of all.

t. Where we engage in pure activities which bring us illumination and which do not create reactions that make us sick.

u. Where there is true happiness and constant awareness.

v. Where we are prepared to reach the transcendental dimensions.

w. Where we do our duty in a loving way and renounce any material benefit from the fruits our work produces.

x. Where our senses, which may remain quite demanding, are harmonized and regulated.

y. Where all of our negative aspects are illuminated and healed, just as the sun offers its light to all creation.

z. Where we identify what enslaves us and what frees us or what we ought and ought not do.

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Obejtivo principal de Oidaterapia

El objetivo principal de la Oidaterapia es lograr que los seres humanos seamos felices, equilibrados, amorosos y saludables a través del encuentro con nuestra fe sanadora.

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